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A few words about us

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Despotika Winery is located near Smederevska Palanka, in the northeast part of Šumadija, once covered with dense deciduous forests. It belongs to the Šumadija district, Krnjevačkom wine-growing region, and from the same winery view stretches across the valley of the river Jasenice, which flows through this area, all the way to Avala, Kosmaj, Bukulje, Venčac, Oplenac and mine.

Our desire is that through the production of top-quality wines from the best grapes are used from their own vineyard, oenological promote Serbian culture, tradition and cuisine. Koristeđi naslećeno experience of the ancestors, combined with modern knowledge, we want to show the bright side of Serbia.

We are still not the oldest, biggest and most famous ...

But we decided to be the best.

Aware of this fact, we own vineyards, equipment, building and people who can respond to this demand and achieve this goal, we count on the support of like-minded lovers of top Serbian wines, which will be self-recognized in our intentions.


In accordance with the principle that a building of winery has no longer just a manufacturing facility but much more than that, in cooperation with the architects of the Belgrade bureau "Concrete and Flower"  we Modern facility that is functional in terms of production, attractive to visitors for its abundance of content that provides and conforming environmentally and energy requirements of modern age.

Wine cellar

As its name suggests, and as tradition dictates, the  cellar was dug in the ground and it provides baric room for wine aging in oak barrels, a maturing of the wine in bottles and archives. Burial depth up to 10m below the surface guarantees optimum conditions for storing wine a modern interior solution contributes to the unforgettable experience of every visitor.



Veselin Despotović


Aleksandar Jankulović
prof. dr.
Novica Maričić
Sc. ing. Mechanical

Technical manager

Miloš Nikolić
Sc. Eng. tehn.


Radivoje Radivojević
Jelena Paunović Gligorić
Darko Pejović

Sales Manager