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wine club Despotika

We in the winery Despotika love wine and have great respect for nature and the vine that gives us this divine drink. We are trying to preserve their most valuable bottles of sweet beans and give you exceptional domestic wine. Appreciating every drop of our wine we also appreciate every one of our customers who gave us the confidence and shared with us enjoy a glass of red, white or rosé wines of our winery. Therefore, we have decided to reward your trust and offer you membership in a wine club Despotika.

What do you get this membership?

You get the privilege to attend the exclusive quarterly events that we organize in our winery, to attend our tastings and wine evenings, that first taste our new wines that you buy your favorite wine labels Despotika under favorable conditions and without shipping cost and be our friend.

How does one become a member?

By filling out the application form on our website or in another situation or when the first purchase through our online store you become our member.

Membership is activated first purchase or your order minimum of one transport package wine (6 bottles).
By filling out this form and joining, the member accepts that regularly receives notification of special offers and activities Despotika wineries.


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For more information about the wine club Despotika contact us at vinarija@vinarijadespotika.rs or by phone +38126302126